Ammonia Process by Linde AG

The Linde ammonia concept (LAC) produces ammonia from light hydrocarbons. The process is a simplified route to ammonia, consisting of a modern hydrogen plant, standard nitrogen unit and a high-efficiency ammonia synthesis loop.

Ammonia Process by Linde AG

Description: Hydrocarbon feed is preheated and desulfurized (1). Process steam, generated from process condensate in the isothermal shift reactor (5) is added to give a steam ratio of about 2.7; reformer feed is further preheated (2). Reformer (3) operates with an exit temperature of 850°C.

Reformed gas is cooled to the shift inlet temperature of 250°C by generating steam (4). The CO shift reaction is carried out in a single stage in the isothermal shift reactor (5), internally cooled by a spiral wound tube bundle. To generate MP steam in the reactor, de-aerated and reheated process condensate is recycled.

After further heat recovery, final cooling and condensate separation (6), the gas is sent to the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit (7). Loaded adsorbers are regenerated isothermally using a controlled sequence of depressurization and purging steps.

Nitrogen is produced by the low-temperature air separation in a cold box (10). Air is filtered, compressed and purified before being supplied to the cold box. Pure nitrogen product is further compressed and mixed with the hydrogen to give a pure ammonia synthesis gas. The synthesis gas is compressed to ammonia-synthesis pressure by the syngas compressor (11), which also recycles unconverted gas through the ammonia loop. Pure syngas eliminates the loop purge and associated purge gas treatment system.

The ammonia loop is based on the Ammonia Casale axial-radial three-bed converter with internal heat exchangers (13), giving a high conversion. Heat from the ammonia synthesis reaction is used to generate HP steam (14), preheat feed gas (12) and the gas is then cooled and refrigerated to separate ammonia product (15). Unconverted gas is recycled to the syngas compressor (11) and ammonia product chilled to –33°C (16) for storage. Utility units in the LAC plant are the power generation system (17), which provides power for the plant from HP superheated steam, BFW purification unit (18) and the refrigeration unit (19).

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