BTX Aromatics Process by UOP LLC

To produce reformate, which is concentrated in benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) from naphtha and condensate feedstocks via a high-severity reforming operation with a hydrogen byproduct. The CCR Platforming Process is licensed by UOP.

BTX Aromatics Process by UOP LLC

The process consists of a reactor section, continuous catalyst regeneration section (CCR) and product recovery section. Stacked radial flow reactors (1) facilitate catalyst transfer to and from the CCR catalyst regeneration section (2). A charge heater and interheaters (3) are used to achieve optimum conversion and selectivity for the endothermic reaction.

Reactor effluent is separated into liquid and vapor products (4). Liquid product is sent to a stabilizer (5) to remove light ends. Vapor from the separator is compressed and sent to a gas-recovery section (6) to separate 90%-pure hydrogen byproduct. A fuel gas byproduct of LPG can also be produced. UOP’s latest R-260 series catalyst maximizes aromatics yields.

Yields: Typical yields from lean Middle East naphtha:
H2, wt% 3.8
C5+, wt% 87

Licensor: UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company

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