Polypropylene, Metallocene upgrade Process by LyondellBasell

Metocene polypropylene (PP) technology upgrades existing and newly built PP plants by extending plant capability to cover specialty PP products with specific and unique features that can be produced with single-site catalysis, in addition to the existing conventional product portfolio.

Metocene PP technology can be implemented to PP processes where polymerization takes place in either liquid phase, including such as Spheripol, or in gas phase. The retrofit required for implementing Metocene technology into Spheripol plants and other PP process technologies is dependent on the specific plant design. It relates to adaptations of the plant to specific requirements of such single-site catalysis and related PP products. Plants that have implemented Metocene technology can continue to produce conventional PP products based on Ziegler-Natta catalysts in addition to Metocene-based operation with metallocene-based catalysts. The addressable portfolio of specialty products covers all typical product fields, i.e. propylene homo-polymers and propylene co-polymers.

Products: The main driver of Metocene implementation is the desire to generate differentiated products with new and/or improved properties. Major property highlights of Metocene-based PP products include: high purity, high uniformity, high transparency, in addition to a broad range of peroxide-free reactor grades including very high melt-flow grades, and special suitability for high-performance processing in injection molding and fiber spinning.

Licensor: LyondellBasell

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