Treating Coker LPG to Low Total Sulfur Levels Process by Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services

Application: AMINEX/THIOLEX and REGEN ULS treating processes are used to remove COS, H2S and mercaptans from LPG streams with high mercaptans levels and produce treated streams with less than 2 ppm-wt of total sulfur.

Description: The removal of COS and H2S can be achieved utilizing an AMINEX treating unit using an amine solution or with a THIOLEX treating unit using a caustic solution. When using the THIOLEX unit, mercaptan impurities are removed with a caustic solution, and the caustic is regenerated to previously unachievable purity levels in the REGEN ULS system.

The combination of THIOLEX/REGEN ULS results in minimal back extraction of disulfide oil (DSO) into the treated product. Thus, the treated product will meet specifications of less than 2 ppm-wt of total sulfur.

Licensor: Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, Process Technology Division.